Auberge La Dauphine guest house

Apart from being great value for money accommodation in Franschhoek, is home to a number of rescue animals. Our 5 rescue chickens provide free range eggs for our wonderful breakfasts. Our 4 resident dogs are all rescue animals with sad stories who have now found heaven on earth. Our two donkeys – Toffee and Appels – are being fostered for the Donkey Sanctuary in Macgregor.

News – November 2013

Our resident “boss” Jack recently got run over in our driveway. Some guests were being taken to a local restaurant, and the driver zoomed off and ran Jack over. Thankfully there was nothing broken and no internal injuries, but he was very badly bruised, and once at the vets, he passed out with the pain. He was given morphine and Valium and put on a drip and kept in overnight. He has taken quite a while to recover. Needless to say, the driver will be sent the vets bill!

The night of 12 November 2013…

was a very windy one in Franschhoek. Ronel, our manageress, thought there was an earthquake when a lovely old oak tree was blown down just outside her cottage. It blocked the driveway and damaged her cottage, but thankfully no-one was injured. A pathway was cleared under the trunk which had fallen on the cottage, and for a couple of days, guests had to manoeuver their cars under this in order to get in and out. Another day in the life of Auberge La Dauphine! You just never know what will happen next.